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Eco-Friendly Tree and Lawn care


GreenWorks of CT develops eco-friendly tree and lawn care programsĀ at affordable prices. The way we do this is by doing a thorough evaluation including a soil analysis and inspection by a qualified tree or turf expert. Then we develop a program to fit your unique needs. This process allows us to reduce the amount of pesticide and herbicide used while maintaining better results.

News and Current Events
Emerald Ash Borer Beetle
This invasive beetle is decimating ash trees across the country and it’s recent introduction into Connecticut means that any ash tree that we intend to keep alive must be treated preventatively.
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Asian Longhorn Beetle
This invasive beetle has destroyed a wide range of trees in New York and Massachusettes. There have been no sightings of this beetle in CT, but our state and local governments on the NY and MA borders should keep an eye out and be prepared for its potential entry in CT.
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CT Bans Pesticides on School Grounds
CT has recently decided to ban all EPA registered Pesticides on school grounds including school sports fields. This will require better land management from those maintaining the fields. Not all products are banned, fertilizers are permitted as well as products deemed safe enough not to have an EPA registration number. The combination of better inspection, fertilization and use of minimum risk products should lead to eco-friendlier ways of maintaining our public spaces. Click Here for an informational .pdf.