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CT Licensed Arborist
Find out why it’s required by the state of Connecticut that anyone caring for your trees be a licensed arborist. All CT licensed arborists are required to show their knowledge of tree health management including disease and insect identification and treatment as well as maintain educational credits.

Know The Difference

Connecticut state law requires that anyone doing arboriculture for hire must be a CT licensed arborist. This includes treating or fertilizing as well as pruning and cabling trees.  These activities produce a modified tree that is expected to remain healthy and hazard free for years to come.  The training and certification of CT DEEP gives some level of assurance that the arborist your working with has the basic knowledge to leave your trees in a healthy and hazard free condition.


Ask Questions – Get to Know Your Arborist

At GreenWorks we aren’t afraid of difficult questions regarding your landscape and plants.  We want to stand apart from other companies by giving you straightforward accurate responses to your questions and doing further research if needed.  We love what we do and our primary goal is to truly understand the details of the situation we are looking at.  Do you have a tree that is in decline? it could be mites, adelgid, root fungus, leaf fungus, or a plethora of environmental conditions.  It’s common to see multiple conditions on a single tree.  As licensed and experienced arborists we know what to look for, when to get laboratory diagnosis and which treatment strategy is best.